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Steve Larsen

Steve LarsenSteve Larsen understands with crystal clarity the difference between contentment and happiness, between success and acceptance, between making the best of what happens to us, and doing the things that will bring us what we really want. He sees a gap between the positive thinking that tells us to accept our fate vs. the proactive planning that will get us to where we really want to be.

When he first met The Growth Coach, he was immediately drawn to their message and principles, because he saw himself in their description of the flawed thinking that has us all believing mere contentment is the best we can hope for. He was still reeling from this realization when he suffered a terrible accident resulting in a near fatal head injury. After many months of rehabilitation, Steve emerged with a new focus and with the unwavering support of his wife, he made the decision to walk the talk, and to fully adopt The Growth Coach’s philosophies.

Before this, Steve was already a high-level marketing and advertising VP. He was recognized for communicating and creating, gaining trust, and making businesses look their best. Known to his colleagues as an empathetic listener with the ability to befriend anyone, Steve knew that as a Growth Coach, he would still be doing all the things he does best: relationship-building, public speaking, connecting with business leaders in all disciplines, and especially helping people. Only this time, he would be changing their lives.

His message is simple: whatever success means to you, lay out a plan to achieve it, step by step. If it were as simple as it sounds, we wouldn’t need help, but Steve knows it’s a fundamental truth overwhelmingly upstaged by the daily rat-race, and if we wait too long to start, we might find ourselves looking back in our golden years, wondering how we let it all fly by us.

Steve has always known that the more he can offer others on the path to success, the sweeter his own success will be. Since becoming a Growth Coach, he’s never looked back. Today he’s living the dream: he’s found his life’s calling, he’s a devoted and loving husband, he’s the hands-on dad that all the neighborhood kids know and love, and he’s an active and respected member of his church and community.

Rick Melmer

Rick MelmerRick Melmer is lifelong educator who has worked at the local, state and national levels.  Melmer served as the Dean of Education at the University of South Dakota from 2008 – 2013 and the Secretary of Education for the State of South Dakota from 2003 – 2008.   Prior to that, Melmer worked as a classroom teacher, building administrator and Superintendent of Schools in Wyoming, Iowa and South Dakota.

Melmer also founded the Leadership South Dakota program which equips professionals to lead in their local communities.

Rick Melmer has recently joined the Growth Coach program for South Dakota.  In addition to his certification as a Growth Coach, he is a graduate of the Executive Coaching program from the Center for Creative Leadership.  Melmer began his coaching duties in August of 2016.


Steve Herman

Steve LarsenSteve Herman is a business advisor with the passion of mentoring businesses to help them over achieve their expectations.

Professional Background

  • Coffee News of Sioux Falls, Brandon, Fargo, Moorhead and Lincoln County: Publisher of a multiple location weekly restaurant distributed publication that helps small to medium sized businesses promote their products and services.
  • Heritage Media: Held multiple positions from operations to President & General Manager in five difference markets.
  • University of Sioux Falls: Adjunct Professor of Media Studies instructing media survey classes to all grade levels


BS in Chemistry from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY

Boards & Organizations

  • Coffee News National Advisory Council
  • Minnehaha Country Club- Board of Directors- Past President
  • Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation- Board of Directors
  • Junior Achievement- Board of Directors