Dr. Nathan Unruh - Owner - EnVive Chiropractic

Jim Mathis - Owner - ADwerks

Paul Ten Haken - Founder - Click Rain, Inc.
I walked in feeling like I didn’t have time to be here and left understanding how necessary this time spent was. Lee Kurtz - General Sales Manager - WNAX
Growth Coach is the perfect straight talk and third party reality check. The often solitary leader needs to improve what and how they’re doing in their business and personal lives. Greg Veerman - Owner and President - Astronaut LLC
The Growth Coach has all the essential tools to build the life you deserve. Dr. Nathan Unruh – Owner - Envive
The Growth Coach has helped me focus on important goals. We can be so busy in our personal and business life that we really “waste” our energy and time spinning in one spot. This seminar gave me practical ways to maximize and focus productivity. Doug Lee - Owner - Doug Lee Pictures
With the Growth Coach, if you don’t improve your performance or the performance of your business, you aren’t listening. I have more time now to do the most important job of planning and directing. Gary Scott - CEO - Alkota Cleaning Systems
Great for business leaders that don’t think they have the time. Travis Thie - Partner - T-Bros. Logistics
It’s invaluable to have a scheduled quarterly review with myself on my business. Jim Mathis - Owner - AdWerks
This is my quarterly Board retreat. Brian Gramm – CEO and President – Peppermint Energy Inc.
The Growth Coach has given me a road map to balancing my professional and home life. Paul Van Veldhuizen - Owner - AlphaGraphics
The Growth Coach was a game changer for me personally and for my business. The process was extremely valuable to help me maintain my organization and accountability. I refer colleagues to the Growth Coach often because of what it has done for me. Chad Hatch – Bird Dog Equity Partners
The ideas and concepts learned through The Growth Coach and applied over time do produce amazing results. Steve Mix – President – Limestone Inc.
Growth Coach has helped improve our business dramatically in last year. The process has allowed me the time to think about important things that I was always too busy to think about before. Ted Heeren - Co-Owner - Fresh Produce Advertising
The Growth Coach process is the effective way for periodic self reflection and strategic planning. It is the process I will follow for the rest of my life. Tim Koch - VP and CFO - Grand Prairie Foods