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August 28, 2019 —

Welcome to the Strategic Business Mindset (SBM).

This is the signature program behind everything we do here at The Growth Coach.

With the Strategic Business Mindset, we coach business professionals, owners, and managers to be more successful through our patented and proven Strategic Mindset process and ongoing accountability coaching.

The Growth Coach’s year round, quarterly coaching and accountability process helps each professional individual or organization to intentionally and confidentially work on their life and business to engender more effective business practices.

The Strategic Mindset process is at the core of every thing we deliver. Join us this fall!


Strategic Business Mindset

Starts September 2019

Workshops once every quarter (90-days)

Country Club of Sioux Falls


Cost of the program is $4,800. With this 2-year program, each member receives:

  • 8 Quarterly workshops with fellow business leaders.
  • 16 One-on-One Personal Coaching Sessions

and more importantly…

  • Clarity of vision, direction and goals in your work.
  • A personalized strategic planner to achieve your business and life goals.
  • Best business practices and strategies from your peers and coach.
  • Accountability through coaching.
  • Momentum for continuous life balance and improvement.
  • Development of a proactive vs. reactive approach to business development.
  • Enhancement and improvement of communication styles
  • Improved sales skills.
  • A plan for success in the workplace.


Group rates are available upon request.


Stop working in your business; Start working ON your business.



Wondering if this is a fit for you?

This program is the ideal fit for the following type of person:

  • A business owner or high-level business leader who is highly-driven and geared for success in their business.

While we believe in this course, don’t take it from us. Take it from any of our valued alumni!


Questions? Get in touch with us.


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