Customized Services

Customized ServicesThe Growth Coach’s extensive training, diverse business experience, and community of coaches enable us to craft programs, workshops, and projects that suit your unique needs and circumstances.

Examples include:

  • Team Workshops – You provide the desired objectives and we’ll craft a customized workshop, or series of workshops, designed to improve your team’s performance. Whether you are seeking cultural improvement, better teamwork, improved skills, or professional development, feel free to explore the possibilities with The Growth Coach.

  • Company or Trade Association Retreats or Workshops – If you are looking for a unique experience for your company, trade group, or CEO roundtable, whether for a full day or partial day, let’s brainstorm the possibilities.

  • Leadership Assessments – You may be assessing talent for promotions, succession, or performance improvement. The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA 360) measures the perceptions of boss(es)/peers/direct reports in 22 leadership behaviors and provides percentile scores that compare the results to a national database of executives and to the individual’s perceptions of him/herself.

  • Coach the Coach Program – This group-based program is designed to teach managers how to coach people, to improve performance through behavioral enhancements. We have all experienced the employee who understands their job, has demonstrated the skills to do it properly, but is behaviorally substandard or inconsistent. This program will enable your managers to coach people up to expectations, thereby improving performance, culture, and morale.

Bottom line, we can help in a lot more situations than you would imagine. We love brainstorming and developing customized solutions, so feel free to call and share your needs, even if you’re not quite clear yourself.